Sri Lanka to shows prestige in crafts work in India

Sri Lanka is doing hard for creativity and new innovations. The lush greenery, the ancient culture and heritage are taking a major role in the part of Sri Lankan tourism those are having a history of 2500 years back. Sri Lanka is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” due to its beautiful attractions. There are lots of things to get home for the travelers from Sri Lanka like colorful miniatures of wooden elephants, pouches, handlooms, bags made of fiber, silver, brassware items,copper items, jewellery and ornaments. The handloom and handicraft industry in Sri Lanka having a long history, under the king of Vijaya. Anyhow,  Sri Lanka is having a good relation with India. Both of them are having similar cultures, traditions, rituals and even handicrafts. So the decision of bilateral relationships between countries will bring more tourists to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka already conducted two marketing exhibitions pertaining to crafts were held in India, organized by the ‘’Hands of Sri Lanka- National Arts and Crafts Foundation’’ in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka.